Comprehensive reforms

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One of our services at Team Project is comprehensive renovation. We carry out a complete interior design job, including a series of 3D renderings intended to show the final result before work begins.

These designs are made by our own Team Project interior design department based on the tastes and needs of each owner. One of its advantages, in addition to bringing the final result of the comprehensive reform closer, is that it allows any change to be made in order to start the work with the best guarantees.

At Team Project, we will show you all types of materials and finishes for each section of the home. In our Canet de Mar offices in Barcelona, we have an exhibition so you can see flooring, tiles, countertops, paintings, etc., in addition to having all the associated showrooms at your disposal so you can go much deeper and choose those materials and elements that you like the most. The comprehensive renovation services that we offer at Team Project are very complete and all the details will be covered with the best options.

Specialized in home renovation and interior design with personalized monitoring of each project.

Personalized attention,
At Team Project we are committed to the individual monitoring of each project by our professionals. In addition to the individual support of our interior design department, our renovation service also includes a technical architect responsible for the project.

The goal is to keep each owner informed and monitor comprehensive renovation efforts every day. Any consultation deemed necessary will be available at any time.